Screen printed trucker hats

If you're looking for a new affordable promotional item, trucker hats are the way to go! We offer two different styles, Vintage fit economy trucker hats, as well as the upgraded Yuoopong trucker hat. We recommend the Yupoong hats, theyre a little more expensive than the standard trucker, but they fit and wear the best! A couple deals include; 

30 Yupoong trucker hats (one color one location) for $240

60 Yupoong trucker hats(one color one location) for $420

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Vinyl printed hats

If your looking for a flat brim style hat, vinyl is the way to go. A bit more affordable than embroidery, vinyl hats offer a clean look with a variety of colors and specialty vinyl to really give your products a great look! A couple specialty colors we like are; glow in the dark, reflective, and neon colors. Email today for a quote!

*Link to our distributor*