Screen Printing

With over 10 years of screen printing experience, our business has always taken pride in providing our customers with the highest quality screen printed materials, at the most affordable, competitive prices.  We offer a wide range of apparel, as well as specialty items to print.


The most commonly used and most affordable ink. This is the standard ink we use. Thin enough to where it's not bulky, but thick enough to where you will have a long lasting opaque image.


Water Based

A happy medium between plastisol and discharge ink. Creates a soft hand feel on each garment as well as lasting opaque images. Best suited for high volume runs of shirts. 


Dyes the fibers of the shirt. So the only thing youre feeling when you touch the print, is the shirt itself! Discharge has best results on high quality garments such as Next Level apparel and Tultex.



Have an 8 color design in mind? No problem. Our machines can print up to 8 colors with an almost unlimited amount of color options. From pantone, to specialty shimmers and metallics. We'll make sure your order comes out exactly how you envisioned it.